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Our Founder

Toheartworld is all about connecting and listening to each other’s heart. Also is the expectation form our team to make it out the same from the drawing. We want to bring the drawing in your heart’s world out from paper. As the simplest words to say that: What you think, what you draw, and what you will get!! 

Childhood that we can’t get back

One day when I was doing house cleaning, I found my drawing from a book that I read often when I was young. Although it had been macular delaminated but this is the only remaining childhood memories after I move away from the old site. This drawing recall back my memory during the art class when I was in kindergarten and primary school. Some of my art work were praised in front of my classmates by our teacher. She said that my art work were interesting, full of imaginary, and colourful. I was on the cloud nine after being praised by teacher and show off my art work in front of my mum after school. For now, I am totally no way to draw a borderless paint style at all.

A meaningful toy is quality but not quantity

Looking on the barbie dolls on the cabernet and the Disney doll beside my bed. There are my parts and never absent in my childhood but there was a small insufficient in my life. Time cannot come again but I am still always thinking about if my creation when I was still a naïve girl can be a doll and accompany beside me to travel around or keep in a cabernet carefully. Now I can share my childhood and my own memory to my friends and tell them: “Hey, this is my best drawing when I was studying in primary school”. 

Gathering among best friends.

There was a gathering among long lost friends and we are talking about where were our wonderful art work goes when we are still young. Most of the answer are being throw away by mom or never think about to keep it because it feels ugly and being denied by parent. This is very pity because different people have a different experience in their life. Although our art work not as pretty as designer or others professional painter but that is a part of our life and there should be cherished and keep it so we created [TOHEARTWORLD]. Through this company, we can change your favourite drawing to a doll that can be hugged. This is a permanent and representative memorial that everyone deserves it.

Want to use a practical and well-preserved way to record the moment imprinted in your mind.

If I can decide how my doll’s looking, I willing to reduce few barbie dolls or Disney dolls to get a self-designed doll that can record down my own story at least I can own a doll that represent my life experience. Here we have a professional and experienced team like [TOHEARTWORLD]. Now you can save your time to get an exclusive [Lovely Plunnies] doll. It brings you a miracle and unforgettable experience for your whole life and keep your own memorable moment.


Vanessa KAO

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